Valeo (vuh-LAY-oh) is a suite of self-paced courses on program evaluation. Powered by The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University, Valeo's courses combine evaluation theory, proven practices, and insights from experienced evaluators.

Whatever your experience level in evaluation, Valeo can help you fill your knowledge gaps, upskill, and elevate your practice through short, focused, self-paced courses. Valeo's courses get to the heart of what you need to know and be able to do to plan, conduct, and use evaluation.


Introduction to Evaluation

Learn the core concepts and essential practices of evaluation to establish a solid foundation for enhancing your evaluation skills and fluency.

Developing Evaluation Plans for Grant Proposals

Learn the key steps for strengthening your funding proposal with a compelling evaluation plan.

Theoretical Approaches to Program Evaluation

Learn about six program evaluation approaches to strengthen your evaluation practice and expand your thinking.

Happy Learner

[The Valeo course] wasn't like any other training platform I had used in the past which made the experience so much better! The training didn't feel like "work" due to the activities implemented throughout the course that kept me engaged during the entirety of the training.

                                                                                                             By Jill E.

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