Frequently Asked Questions

What’s with the name?

Valeo (vuh-LAY-oh) is a Latin word that means to be strong, able, and influential. We think this is a great word to describe evaluators, people with evaluative mindsets, and programs that leverage evaluation to improve their effectiveness and impact.

Is Valeo’s course content accessible for learners with visual or auditory disabilities?

Yes! All Valeo content is fully accessible, built with learners of all abilities in mind. Learners using assistive technology will be able to access all content and activities.

What other courses is Valeo going to offer?

Ultimately, we expect to offer a comprehensive set of courses on evaluations so that learners can get the specific learning content they need, when they need it. But developing elearning is not quick. Or cheap.

To let us know what other courses you'd like Valeo to offer, contact us.

To get notified when new courses are available, join our mailing list.

If you're interested in sponsoring the development of a specific course for your organization's staff or grantees, contact us.

Why are courses asynchronous and self-paced?

There are many excellent evaluation trainings offered in synchronous formats. Valeo offers busy professionals an option for learning about evaluation on their own schedules. You can start the course when you want, work at your own pace, and review content when you feel the need. We also considered the cost. Initial development costs for elearning are high, but the asynchronous format will allow us to keep costs low for learners in the long run.

How is Valeo being funded?

The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University has covered the costs for developing and launching the initial three courses. We are seeking external support to ensure we can keep costs low for learners. If you or your organization interested in sponsoring content, contact us.

Are courses available on mobile devices?

Our courses are compatible with mobile devices, both Android and Apple. However, we recommend you complete the courses on at least an 8-inch screen to ensure the best experience with the courses.

Can I talk to an instructor if I need help?

Valeo courses are self-guided. However, if you have a question about the course content or need help with an activity, just complete the contact us form. One of the course developers, Kelly or Lori, will respond as soon as they are able - within a day or two at most.

How long will I have access to a course after I purchase it?

You will have access to a course for one year after paying for it.

Does Valeo offer certificates, badges, or continuing education units?

After you complete your course, you will receive a PDF certificate of completion that includes your name, course name and description, and date of completion.

We offer continuing education units (CEUs) for courses that take 3 hours to complete. We will offer badging in the future.

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